How to install an antivirus program on a computer ?

Most of the time, installing antivirus software on an infected computer is as seamless as installing it on a clean PC. In other words, as long as the virus has not damaged the Windows system files used by the operating system when installing the applications.
how to install antivirus on a computer
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Install the antivirus program
To install an antivirus program on your computer, follow the steps below.

Step I.

If you purchased the antivirus software CD or DVD, insert the CD or DVD into the computer drive. The installation process must start automatically, with a window opening to guide you through the installation process.  

Step II.

If you downloaded the antivirus program from the Internet, look for the file downloaded to your computer. If the downloaded file is a zip file, decompress the file to be extracted and access the installation files. Look for a file called setup.exe, install.exe or something similar, then double-click on that file. The installation process should begin with a window opening to guide you through the installation process.

Step III. 

 In the installation process window, follow the steps provided to install the antivirus program. The installation process will provide the recommended options for the antivirus program to work properly. This program can in most cases be accepted as is. The only exception is if the installation process recommends that you also install toolbars for Internet browsers or other useful programs for your computer. If you are asked to install another software with the antivirus program, uncheck all the boxes or refuse to install these additional programs. No additional program set save for the antivirus to install and run properly on your computer.

Step IV. 

Once the installation process is complete, close the installation window.

Step V.

 If used, remove the CD or DVD from the computer drive.

The antivirus program is now installed and ready to be used. While this may not be necessary, it is recommended that you restart your computer so that the modified settings in the operating system can take effect properly. Once installed, you can also receive a prompt to update the antivirus program. It is highly recommended to update it, even if you do not receive a prompt to do so. Go to the next section below for help with updating the antivirus program.
how to install antivirus
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Mac OS X has long been much more secure than Windows, due to the system software design. In the past, fewer people used Mac OS, resulting in fewer viruses developing for Mac. Although the number of Mac users has increased considerably, it is still not as popular as Windows, where the majority of viruses take place.

Update the antivirus program after installation

After installing the antivirus program, we strongly recommend that you update it with the latest definitions of viruses and spyware. The updates will allow the antivirus program to protect your computer from all viruses and spyware. In many cases, the antivirus program will automatically ask you if you want to check and install the latest updates. If you are invited, select Yes to update the antivirus program. If this doesn't invite you to update immediately, see our page on Antivirus Installation Support Phone Number.
 how to install antivirus on a computer or PC
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          Although most viruses and spyware are relatively easy to remove with standard antivirus software, some viruses are so sophisticated that they can prevent the user from installing antivirus software and in some disable or uninstall existing protections on the computer. These viruses are often the most difficult to treat because they are able to prevent the user from taking measures that can eliminate the virus. To effectively remove the virus, you need to install anti-virus software that approaches the problem from a different angle than conventional anti-virus programs before you can install standard protection. 
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